In order to contact NetEnt in the most effective manner will depend on who the target of interest in the company is. There are different channels available to allow anyone with a query to reach their intended audience varying from the more formal telephone and email channels right through to a multiple of social media avenues. Bona fide players should always start with their relevant casinos that they play on if there are game related issues. See for a repository of NetEnt casinos.


Where are the NetEnt offices?

NetEnt is a Swedish company so there is a corporate presence both Stockholm and Gothenburg. However in the past 20 years NetEnt has grown substantially and now has corporate presences in a host of other international locations, being Ukraine, USA, UK, Malta, Poland and Gibraltar. It is easy to make contact with NetEnt from anywhere in the world via telephone on +46 8 578 54 500 or by email to [email protected] Casino players in the UK that want to access NetEnt games can go to for suggestions.

NetEnt further provides more immediate and focused access for any other, yet more specific stakeholders which include any new and established online casinos that would like to be powered by NetEnt, the international gambling press, potential and current investors in the company, NetEnt's valued clients and customers, potential employees who would like to be be employed by a great online casino provider and, of course, the NetEnt affiliate network as well as potential affiliates who want to join in promoting this global iGaming concern.

  • Bona fide clients
  • The iGaming press
  • Potential Investors
  • New employees
  • Gambling Affiliates

How do potential partners contact NetEnt?

NetEnt has employees in various locations worldwide and their primary concern is to develop and produce online casino games and software in line with NetEnt’s vision. Potential employees wanting to share in this vision can send an email to [email protected] Online casinos that want to partner with NetEnt and use the innovative software and games can send email to [email protected] Affiliates that want to be part of the NetEnt network can send an email to [email protected] Potential partners can also phone +46 8 578 54 500.

How do Investors and the Press contact NetEnt?

The NetEnt business model welcomes new investors in the company. New and also current investors have a dedicated channel to interact with NetEnt. The investor relations channel can be emailed on [email protected] iGaming Press representatives can contact NetEnt for information on the latest game features and their release dates. Email address [email protected] is available for this purpose. There is also an image bank available at that has downloadable images of NetEnt management, casino games, NetEnt logos and products that has been developed.

What if I don't know who specifically to contact?

Parties that want to contact NetEnt and who are unsure of the channel to use or whom the intended communication needs to be aimed at, can simply email [email protected] or visit the NetEnt web site: There are also an array of social media channels that will give anyone a social angle on NetEnt's activities. There is a YouTube channel at, a more professional LinkedIn page at, a Facebook presence at, An Instagram account at and for a more interactive experience, a Twitter account at